castAR - AR/VR Glasses for the masses.

Stumbled over this gem on kickstarter yesterday:

Unfortunately I can’t embed the video, just hop there and watch it, it’s quite impressive.
Basically shutter glasses with tracking and two mini-projectors. Either use it as stereoscopic AR goggles on a canvas, or connect it with a PC as stereoscopic VR device.

I already love the Occulus Rift, but this is just a tad more intresting to me…
I can see a gazillion of useful and completely useless but fun applications for this device :slight_smile:

I am just not sure about the magic wand. I would wish it had more Kinect/Leap Motion for interaction…
I am also questioning the brightness and quality of the projectors and how to power them properly without carrying a car battery or being bound to a wall socket.

Interesting nonetheless and you got to start a new technology somewhere…

I tried the thing at MakerFaire NYC - it is astounding.

The retroreflective screen bounces the projected images straight back in a narrow cone. It is very bright. Only the person wearing the glasses can see the perspective, other wearers see their own.

The magic wand is a 3d mouse with submillimeter precision.

Everything runs off regular USB power.

The 3d image is rock-steady with imperceptible latency.

The tech is AR, HUD-type AR, and true VR with 6 DoF position tacking on headset and controller. There is NOTHING like this on the market or even speculated for anywhere near the price.

Join the forums and check if you need more info.

Wow. that really is going to be a very powerful tool.

Lenticular screens of the type used with both film and
video projectors are retro-reflective…wonder if that is
all one needs for a screen? That would be sweet.