Castello final

after my first Try:

here comes the finalized Version:

Nice walls, nice details, nice grass…

I REALLY liked the flag

but the rocks on the background:(
didn like them
other than that… just one thing…
why make a castle with such big walls and leave a window so close to the ground level?

very nice m8, much better than the origional,
but i preferred the sunset lighting rather than the new type,

my girlfriend says it is the cats door :wink:

Ok, the light could be more yellow.

much better :smiley:

A huge improvement. Great work.


I really liked the first one. However, I liked the second one even more.
Great work.


Very nice :slight_smile:

Wow, I get the distinct impression that I’m walking through some level in a FPS. . .

Nice improvement on the second render!


You already posted this picture a few months ago :frowning:

You really improved with the second one, the high res textures and everything.

Kansas_15 is right. I like number two a lot better.


Sorry, you’re wrong, i posted the first version two weeks ago and after that i improved it - as you see in version two.

WOW! Nice,

There are only two crits from me:

  1. The transitions between the ground and the castle
    are a little too artificial. In real life you’d see all kinds of
    objects stuck to the “feet” of the building, as well as tear
    and wear…it’ll create the foot darker…(rain ends up there etc.)

  2. The grass to the far right (perhaps because of the light) is a
    bit too artificial - especially compared to the grass at the castle
    wich looks fine to me.

If you work a little bit more on the ground and especially
point 1), then you’ll def. have yourself a winner.

Nice work.

Hmm I actually like the first one better- the lighting and the texture of the wall
Nice work ther

Great job!

Very nice texture! :wink:

I like more the lightning on the first one, but the second is more clean.