My first real Blender work.

Quite nice! I like it. The grass/bushes need a bit of work, they look like strips of paper, but they’re almost there. I like the texturing of the castle/wall, that looks quite good. You might bumpmap it a little more heavily, but it still looks quite nice. Keep it up. Great first post.

yes very good, i really get the feeling everything fits together very well,

nice- pretty good for a first

Beautiful. Well done.

I agree, great work! :smiley:

It looks like it’s from a high quality game. Nice looking, but not very realistic on close inspection.

Overall a fairly good quality CG work, especially for your first time. Looks like you have touched on quite a few features for your first piece, and I’m sure your works in the future will be of even better quality.

Nice job! :slight_smile:

Good job… I like the colours… cheers…


Very cool! you can tell you took the time to finish this properly which i Like alot :smiley:

How did you make the grass?

textures are flatt. overall very nice.

This is a very nice picture.

The wall - simple but with nice details. Textures look good to me and it was not easy to spot the joins in the image map.

The turret - nice modelling and details. Here, I thought the texture does look quite flat as @ner said. Also, there seems to be some vertical lines which don’t look right.

The grass - nicely placed, but is the patch of grass at the bottom of the turret a bit too big / tall?

Sky - lovely

Is the view looking out to sea?

I agree with rest, MAKE STONE WALL MORE BUMPY !!!

and maybe little displacement for ground, but the rest it’s GREAT !!
specially for the first time


Thanks for the tips, but i have big problems using displacement (i tried it).
The disp texture is a black white map created from the original map, it has same mapping etc as the original stone map. Disp factor is 0.010.

I’m using bumpmaps (Mapto Nor 2.0) too.

I wouldn’r suggest using dispmaps… but if you want to first subdivide (or subsurf or both) youre model.

If Nor isn’t working right, maybe try selecting everything and scaling it down. That should enhance the bumpmap in comparison to everything else. You may also have to change the mapping tecnique so the texture doesnt seem out of proportion.

…did I spell all that right? Please correct me :-?

Nice job. Like the flag. How did you put those holes in the tower? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good looking scene,

I like the castle, but those rocks at the right bottom are ruinind the pic. Probably lessen the texture variations.

increase th sub’s on the grass.

The atmosphere looks warm while the sky has deep blue. Try a little yellowish sky.

Over all I liked the scene.


@ .:[email protected]:.

Face extrusion into the tower.

That works I guess, just hate all the subdividing required. :stuck_out_tongue:


rendered with OCC using sunlight and skymap so lightning is taken from the HG map and thats a true pictue of a morning sky.

The grass has SDS.

Ok, the etxure at the rocks could have less variation