Hi guys

After reading the latest issue of Blender Magazine, decided to take the holidays to return to Blender.
The theme of the next edition will be “Epic Fantasy”, and I decided to take a pencil and draw a scene:

I still not sure if the lighting is night or day, but this angle will be there. My first steps in modeling and lighting were these:

I hope to finish this project in a week. I have several unfinished projects (like all of you …), but this will be the third project I finalize.

Suggestions are very welcome :slight_smile: :smiley:

What you say !!


Looking good. The moon is up in the drawing, so I guess it’s a night scene.

Ok, not all of you… :rolleyes:

Thank you. The moon is actually only a concept, it can be placed by a sun. But a bright castle with yellow lights in the windows would be cool, so I guess a night scene is better. What do you think?

Both are good. A night scene has bigger potential to convey a mood though.


I’m still work on it. I’ll try texturize the floor and towers top today.

(sorry my english)


Looks nice, you may want to add a path or trees.

Great ideas, thank you!
For now, I’ve the floor (with one bit of bokeh… :D). The lighting is still all faked with textures, there’s only a sun to make shadows.


This is going to become an awesome image…if i had that touch for texturing and lighting would be great for me…

i like the slight glow in the image, i also like that cartoony look the castle and pretty much the entire image has. Nodes?

Thanks. It’s a good begin look the lents and lights effetcs on films. They help us to be creative in a conceptual drawings (a very important thing, many times).

Thank you. Actually it has few scene nodes. The material was done using some blend textures and playing with X Y Z Map Input coordinates and the opition “uses normal vector as texture coordinates” (nor button). It’s very fast and gives this look slight glow, as fake ilumination.


Hi everybody,

I have some stuff tgo show you. The process is finishing, I hope receive some feedback.:smiley:

1st: Just towels top and grass are texturized with images (some 6 days ago).
2st: First texture of castle and lents flare effect added. (5 days)
3st: Sky added, light setup fixed and texturized path added. (3 days)
4st: Grass field is now made with real textured strands (~250000) and white flowers added (yesterday/today)

All textures have normal maps themself and and the last image toke 40min to render in my Pentium4 2.0 (512 RAM) (veeeery old computer). All made in Blender render/composite nodes (except primary textures).

I hope you like it and comment.

(Sorry my bad english)


That is very cool. I love the sky also.

Nice to see the work grow.

The rende is really Disney looking. We expect a princess claiming for help from in the top tower.
yeh, the sky is really amazing. I don’t like so much the left wall. All the pic is so charming, this wall on the left breaks a little bit the composition.
Maybe adding a big tree behind with his branches falling over the wall or something?
Amasing and dreaming work.

My only crit would be the clouds - there are those 4 illuminated bumps in the cloud all in a row below the moon. I think if you varied the line a bit that it would make the clouds more natural.

All in all, a pleasant and charming image.

This is turning out as good as I hoped. :slight_smile:

Maybe you could have a little less contrast in the wall texture on the castle.

That´s frontapage stuff…!!!

Thank you Matthew, Atom, Simonced, Klaatuteela, Mazui and Andrepazleal!

Simonced, the wall side is really something different in composition, I am thinking about covering it with white flowers and creepers. I will not have time (and knowledge) to create a tree of the same style. Thanks for the great idea.

Klaatuteela, The clouds are just a picture. I will try to change something in them. Thanks for the tip.

Mazui, thanks for the tip of the contrast.

Soon I’ll back with more Renders