I finished my scene of Castelo. The illumination was made using textures, a sun and a hemi light. Thank you so much for help in WIP thread.
I hope you aprove this work.


very nice, i like the twinkle.
must be using nodes?

Very nice work!

Could you post a short description of the Compositing you did? I like the way you made it DoF!

Thank you! :slight_smile:
Ionee, yes, many nodes for texture, material and scene.
bowfinger, the light is by normal textures, que shadow is a sun, the glow is by node setup and the DOF is good because it was done gamma adjust before that.

Poetic! :slight_smile:
Are the stones python script generated?

Awesome dude , I wish I could make something like that, could you post a tutorial, please?

Thank you for comment my work. :slight_smile:

ShilaM, the stones are just normal maps on meshes.
Howker, I’ll make something soon. Thank you for asking.

strange anche particoular job !


Nice work, very dreamy… nice post pro…

very nice job on normal maps then… congratulations :yes:

Very nice, has a very ‘dreamy’ effect, yeah I wouldn’t mind checking out the tutorial if you to make one, though it would not be needed, I could find out elsewhere, but seeing the finished product already I’d still like to watch you do something like that. Well keep up the good work!


Thank you MmAaXx, efio, ShilaM and N00B3!