Casting Shadows in Game Engine?

I been practicing blender 2.68 “Or current version” and have finally gotten the hang of the software even more so now im happily making games but still some issues here and there but its nothing of a problem as much.

But anyway back to my issue at hand, I have been trying to cast shadows in my game but so far I have no luck trying to figure this out… as for casting I mean real time in game engine shadow casting, my game is also working with GLSL so is it possible that the two might be having some conflicts and not operate properly with one another?

I have the shadows option set and all of my objects “3D models and content” are made with the current blender version to prevent problems with older models since they never did get along… a insane hassle and a pain in my back that took days to complete.

Any ideas whats going on?

Sorry to be the bearer or bad (good?) news, but Blender 2.69 was just recently released, so 2.68 isn’t the most current anymore.

But to your problem, you need to

  1. make sure you’re in GLSL mode. GLSL mode is the only mode which will cast realtime shadows.
  2. make sure your lamp type is set to Spot and has shadow checked (it should be checked by default)
  3. make sure you are in texture mode (ALT+Z to toggle between texture and solid mode)

I’ve attached a .blend with the basic setup for casting shadows.


shadow.blend (440 KB)

You can not be serious there is another blender out already??? oh boy you have no idea the amount of hysteria I was going through reading this… I just got used to the old one and now a new one im not mad or nothing im just a tad upset but still…

I read your info provided I will take a look at it and also will it be safe to use the content built on the old blender without any issues what so ever cause trust me I went through possum trying to get used to the 2.68

They don’t change much between versions, just add features and fix bugs. So you won’t have to re-learn anything (not until the 2.8 build)

It is also safe to use content from one blender version in another blender version, except for a few cases (ie blender 2.49 won’t real blender 2.5 files)

Well thankfully the new Blender is barely noticeable in difference so im happily developing with no more hassles. And when will the new 2.8 be released exactly?

well currently we are in 2.6x (just) and with a new release of blender every 3ish months? (correct me if i’m wrong), its approximately 33 months away so just under 3 years before we get into 2.8x however according to the roadmap the UI changes “refreshing default” will be happening during 2.7x (probably in the later builds)
however with Andrew prices influence on the subject with the whole UI team thing, i think its safe to say the software will become easier to use and more logical.

well lets hope it gets simple cause the new Blender was a pain to get used to