Castle attack

here :slight_smile:

I am impressed.
The only downfall is the obvious repetition.
It could help if you rig your models and make some changes.
But it might take a while I guess…

Thats awesome, I like that that coloreing sets the mood and it doesn’t look like you duplicated a bunch of models but each is thier own man. ok so maybe they have all the same pose but it still looks good. :slight_smile:

Good work.

Gorgeous! But I need details :wink:

Looks good and the mood is great.

The biggest problem is, as vliegtuig mentioned, the Attack of the Clones™ effect. The scene would benefit from some pose variation.

I agree. What makes a battle? Chaos, men shooting, fighting, dying. A castle siege would most likely have hundreds of arrows in the air at this point and a few big stones too

Call me a maniac or a medieval history buff or a Age of Empires II player but attackign a stone castle with cavalry is mighty stupid. You need ladders or a battering ram

On the other hand the mood of the picture is incredible :smiley: The modeling is awesome too :smiley:


besides being repetitive, it is awsome

Most siege armies dont put there trebuchets that close to the castle, and yes I dont think horsemen would assualt the fort unless the door was already destroyed.

But that modeling is awesome, I wish I could do that. Great scene other than some little details.


i think you have a great image.

some things i may change, is to use a black shadow instead of the blue tint shadow.
the horses all seem to be in the same pose, as if they were all duplicated, i would change them up a bit.
the castle looks a bit short, i would make it twice as tall as it is now.
it seems the catapults look very well modeled and interesting to look at, i would possibly move some of them into the forground.
the knights on the right i would line up more at an angel facing the castle, if you are being attacked the last positon you want to take is to have your back to the castle, unless you give up :smiley: .
just some things i nit pick, sorry, just suggestions.

but i think your work rocks here, i just thought it may be able to rock even harder. look forward to more works like this one!

Thanks, I know repertive knights…

model is castle, other object are textures on planes, this scene have only 20000 vertexs. My target was test 2d in 3d in Blender…