Castle Building Set

Hello, it’s been years. A new complete project. Evee / Cycles, Substance Designer materials. 4k. Thanks to HDRI Haven for the beautiful sky.


Very cool. I love the indoor scene. Your stonework is superb.

Thanks! I seem never to get tired of castles and architecture.

Looks nice. I don’t know the state of your knowledge about the medieval architecture, so nevermind what I’m going to pontificate about it if you know what you are doing.

I’m not a big fan of mixing different architectural styles. Most of your work has early middle-age (romanic style) feel and you keep it consitent, which is nice. But you did your gate header in gothic style which is late middle-age.
Barrel or half circle shape of doors, gates and windows headers, as well as ceilings in early medieval architecture is heavily influenced by architecture of ancient Rome. This style was forged in the age of christianisation of Europe, and was seen as an expansion of the Imperium Romanum. In early medieval times in some regions romanic churches due to their robust form served as shelters in times of war and pillage.
Every header or ceiling with a pointy tip is younger - it comes from Goth tribes of northern Europe and this style was considered barbaric at first. And in some regions it never existed at all. That’s why there is little to no gothic architecture in Italy, but a lot in France, UK, Germany, Austria, Poland and Czech Rep.
There was some overlap between those two styles (romanic and gothic) but it’sconsidered marginal. The purest form of architectural medieval style you can see in sacral architecture. Every other building was considered less important back in that ages, so there was a pressure to build the churches the best. Castles and royal residences were second in line.

Yes, it’s mostly Romanesque based, but I have Goth influences in there as well, especially in other parts of the larger set of blocks. I consider it somewhat fantasy, leaning creepy.

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The One Tower

19k faces, 4k materials from Substance.

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