Castle Contest

hello i am going to have a Castle Contest.

the goal is for you to show off you best castle renders. NO TAKING OF OTHER PEOPLES MODELS.

The Rules: its has to be a Medieval wall,castle,kingdom or Fantasy wall,castle,kingdom

This is the best castle contest I’ve seen in a while.

Maybe work on the lighting to help bring out the details in the normal maps.

4 stars.

This is awesome! Definitely gallery material!

Maybe work on the lighting to help bring out the details in the normal maps.

4 stars.

???what are you talking about???

I give 3.5, I don’t like the stone walls. Could use a better texturing. Oh and that huge cloud above looks like a giant marshmallow, you should puff it out a bit, maybe use a particles instead of mesh? Or just add some alpha subtracting textures. I like the idea you made with the bridge braking in the midle by the lightning. But I agree with squigly_p, work a bit more on the lighting. :v

what are you talking about there is no pictures

hey, that’s not the “focused critique” section, it’s already finished.

I’ll rate it 4 stars, I like the knights and the way you did the towers to the left… with better lighting it certainly would have a chance to get to the gallery!

well done!

No harm in a bit of critique in THE FINISHED SECTION.

Anywho, magnificant effort. You need a bit more work on the textures, i can see some stretching in places and you need to decrease the normal value on your stone texture, maybe use some more indirect lighting aswell. The towers on the left are particularly good.

4 stars.

Great work!

All that detail work really pulls it together! :slight_smile: Gallery material for sure!


I rather like the lighting personally, high contrast renders are great!

Very nice. I really like how the whole scene is made, kind of like a beautiful dream. Did you use nodes for this?

Same for me.

same for me :frowning:

same for me:(

same for me:(

same for me:(

I just realised this would be awsome as a banner picture.


Great idea! I’m sure with a bit of work it could make it to the 2.5 splash screen too!

Shit’s so cash, it’s inspiring me to the tears. ;_; I wish I could have the patience to work on such big projects.

…where am I ?..can I see you too?..what the frickin’ hell is this…?


This looks really great. 5 stars from me, too!
Could you maybe make a tutorial how you made the hair of the princess? I really like how it looks!


I’d rather ask for a tutorial how he made the tits along with that body :v I find it more usefull. You could always make hair from a mesh if you fail with particles.

I just noticed the little frog! He’s so cute! Great attention to details, chand17!