Castle game help

Hey everyone, I have have a game I’ve been working on since yesterday, and its coming along pretty well, but the problem I am having is I have a bunch of emptys that add enemys, but after ten enemys I want it to stop, well each time I try it ether does not add any or it adds infinite. Please help out as soon as possible. Thanks.

If you are using logic blocks you could make a Int Property on the empty.

Create a ‘Property Sensor’ on the empty that uses ‘Interval 0-10’ that connects to the ‘Controller’ logic block that is connected to the ‘Object Actuator’ that makes the objects.

Then create a ‘Property Actuator’ that ‘Adds 1’ to the Int Property every time it makes an empty. (This is also connected to the same ‘Controller’ as before)

Hope that is not too confusing

I was trying it, but it did not work, I got it to add one and then stop, but I can’t get it to add ten and stop, what version of Blender did you use, I’m using 2.49b

Nevermind I figured it out, I was not folowing your directions right, but I checked again and got it, Thanks.