Castle Game

I’m finally made a video about my game, it needs lots of work yet, but I thought you guys might like to see it. Its on youtube, heres the URL
I’m still working on graphics game play, everything, if you guys have some cool ideas I would be glad to hear them. Injoy.
The Inferno

Looks nice so far, keep working.

I like it alot. Very Shogun Total War (One of my favorites.:yes:).

Now ya need some soldier/creatures to swap out for the blocks and it will have a possible Lord of the Rings feel.:smiley:

I’d suggest having a line of your own infantry( like pawns in chess) to run a small bit of interference so you have a little more time to pick some off with your crosshairs(a ballista?), besides there’s a very satisfying feeling when troops get bottle necked in a group and a catapult rock lands there and it’s bodies everywhere.MWAHAHAHA.

Maybe consider an interactive environment, like shooting exploding objects, or boulders down from a canyon wall to take out big groups of enemies.

Once again good job and I’ll be watching your progress.

Thanks, I’ve been working on character animation lately, but your right, goblins and trolls or something would be pretty cool.

I like the idea of stuff breaking and what not, I think I will look into that a little more.

Here’s a tutorial I found that may point you in the right direction.(I’m going to use this in my game Voidkeepers.):evilgrin:

Hope it helps.