Castle Lazlo

Trying to create a sort of scene you might find in the Scottish Highlands. Seem to quite a few castles on small islands (or one or two). However, the inspiration from the castle itself is in southern England. Artistic license.
The island and mountains - made by me in Gaea.
Castle - modeled by me (probably not very well).
Textures from various free sources (so so many good websites for this now - thanks to anybody and everybody involved). Have tried to use Quixel Mixer for a couple of materials, but very tentatively so far.
The rowing boat is from blendswap.
The trees are from bontaniq
I’m using the Physical Starlight and Atmosphere for lighting… this really means it has to be a beautiful, bright, clear - but hazy - morning, as it doesn’t include clouds yet. Mixing with HDR doesn’t give me the results I want yet.

So… comments are very welcome on how to make this image more interesting, more realistic, better from a 3D perspective (just learning!), etc etc etc.

Also - specific comments on the very annoying blue line on the top image where the lake meets the mountains and any suggestions on what might be causing it. The hills are just displaced planes. The lake is just a stretched out cube with a water shader attached.

Thanks in advance. Be kind :slightly_smiling_face:


Additional shrubbery and grass. Comments still welcome on how to improve further. Thanks.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Another edit… still wondering how I can make this more convincing and interesting (please?).

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