castle mesh

Hi. I made a mesh castle – actually just castle walls surrounding a courtyard. It’s my first build in Blender, created from a tutorial, but the tutorial doesn’t answer some questions. I am importing the build into Second Life. My questions:

  1. the castle has about 13 mesh objects in it. how do i connect those 13 objects into one object?

(i tried box selecting the whole selected shebang, and doing ctrl/j, but then in Second Life, I couldn’t edit any of the joined parts. In other words, the castle seemed to have one big impenetrable invisible box around it. I had to make the whole thing ‘phantom’ in order to walk into the courtyard.) which brings me to my second question:

  1. is there anyway to join the meshes so that the walls of the castle can be solid, but the interior (the courtyard) walkable?

  2. on my last attempt to save a blender file as a dae file, i got a message that it couldn’t be saved because of an error. it said ‘see log.’ where do i find the log that i need to see?

  1. This is correct. I don’t know second life so not sure about importing. You could try exporting as obj. then imorting obj back to Blender. Then exporting collada (second life checked box selected). I say this because I remember previous versions of blender seemed to export poly group data and you didn’t always get what you wanted. For example you would end up with subtools in zbrush (not a complete mesh). Although to be fair there were export options to alter this. (I don’t have this happeing now though). Anyway this very much sounds like its something to do with second life not Blender. My advice is to read up on importing to second life. Look for any importer plugins or applications. You only have a static mesh so you should be able to fix this problem without to much hair pulling.

  2. Don’t know what you mean by this. Walls should be solid if you apply collision. I suppose you could look up how physics is applied to objects in second life. If its just a big box then you need to research this a bit. This game engine sounds like you have an invisible object that acts as the collision object and you see the object (castle) that you have modelled. The two are not the same, The collision object is attached to your castle. You collide with that not the poly mesh that you have made. Can’t be sure about this but it would explain why you cannot enter. It doesn’t actually sound like a problem with joining objects it seems to be collision physics.

  3. If you are on the latest version of Blender - 2.63a You don’t get the console opening with Blender. Under ‘Help’ you can toggle system console which gives info. You also have a check box in the bottom of the left side panel when you go to export collada. It says ‘Second life’ I’m guessing you check that too.

I don’t know whether that helps you or not but only replied because no one else has and with lots of posts on this forum it would have probably gone unnoticed after a few days.

good luck

thank you, oranos, for your help. it is at least some information, and i do appreciate that. i hate being a nub, and hitting a wall every time i turn around. so, for someone in my position, a little kindness goes a long way. thank you again.

One of your problems is that I don’t think there are lots of people on the forums that are exporting assets to Second Life. Many of your problems relate to how Second Life is working with models from Blender and nobody knows the technical details for how Second Life applies physics to objects.

If I had to guess, it sounds like each mesh in Second Life is treated as a solid object. If you want to be able to go into the castle then you might have to make each wall a separate object in Second Life.


My best guess, with no other data to go from is that Second Life has applied a collision detection box that is the same as the external boundary box of the mesh. How you change that in second life is beyond me, but I would THINK that it should be possible to define a custom collision box that conforms more closely to the actual shape of the mesh