Castle Of Dragon's Gate ( Update )

C&C welcome

That gives off a great feeling…but it seems kind of empty? Maybe some debres, bushes, small trees, shrubs that kind of thing will make the image seem “full” Cool though :slight_smile:

I know what it’s missing…Liu Kang :wink:

pretty nice modelling and texturing. I especially like the chinese character, though I don’t know what it stands for.

A couple things could make it better though. The stone block textures could be scaled down a bit, right now they seem a little too large IMO.

Also, the lighting doesn’t really agree with the sky texture. You could maybe match the lighting the the background, or show the source of the different color lights.

One last thing is that the camera angle could be more interesting. Symmetrical isn’t usually the best way to set up a shot. I’d suggest something maybe off centered and tilted up a bit, to give a better impression of scale.

those aren’t really major though, and this is in the finished forums

overall, nice image :slight_smile: . A few things here and there and it could be even better.

Very nice, though with a sky that dark the light should be a teeny bit more blue and darker.

The lighting to the left seems a bit too green for the sky you have. IMO the sky is taking up too much of the render. The texturing of the walls though is pretty swish :smiley:


I hope no! This scene is very moody, well modeled and has an interesting lighting even if not very realistic (I don’t like the AO’s SkyMap and SkyTexture options, very personal, though). So please bring this scene further, with chinese fighters and/or martial artists or something! Perhaps some more landscape furniture like bushes, rocks, small patches of grass.

please tell us there will be more :wink:

In my opinion, I don’t think it needs much more, although I don’t like the fact that only a slice of ground is visible and the sky takes up 50% of the image.

I do like the scene though, it’s deviously beautiful.

thanks for the comments dewds.

I have been rendering this %!&@#$% caslte here and there and this is the best ( i think… ) i got so far.

Any suggestion is greatly apreciated

C&C Welcome

Looks good, make the bricks more stone like.

hing is good apart from one thing BEVEL THOUSE EDGES than maybe ab noise textur map for the bump map.

good work tho

The grass looks WAY out of place there, it stands out too much and just doesn’t fit in. The bottom layer of bricks is also very average and doesn’t suit the rest of the castle. It’s also a lot less dramatic than you first one.

I think your first image is much better than this second one.

Wow, I just stumbled across this thread. This last render is very cool. :slight_smile: Nice work!