Castle on a Rock


This is one that I feel like I’ve been working on for awhile (or in other words for more than a week), originally made to be a birthday card for a friend of mine. In compositing, I was going for a somewhat unrealistic dreamy sort of feel (which is also why I’m using a different project for the blenderguru realism contest). I know it’s not actually a castle, but its an allusion to the song “Castle on a cloud” from the musical Le Mes.

It should be said that the flower bushes are from the blender greenhouse, and the girl is a rigged version of this model, since I can’t do character modeling really.

[full resolution]

Short animation turntable:

Download the model and animation

Any comments or questions of course welcome, I’m for once posting one of my weekly projects for the feedback :wink:

~Patrick W. Crawford

This is so beautiful. One of the best artworks I’ve ever seen! :smiley:

this is draw dropping. seriously stunning work!

Thanks for your replies! I’ve added a download link to blendswap.

As for some self criticism, I notice that the still-frame render has a problem with the cloud’s alpha when it overlaps the edge of the mountain, but I didn’t have this problem when I rendered the animation so I’m not sure what happened.

My other main thought is that the clouds still don’t fit as subtly as I was try to make them (like the far background clouds part of the texture), so that could be something I work on in the future. I really hope volumetric rendering hits the main build for cycles soon, so I don’t have to continue doing this silly combining thing. Prevents decent use of the path traced DOF which is sad

Hehe, I found it kinda similar to the house where I grew up, also on top of a small mountain I might add, though not quite as steep… ;D

Great concept, I want a castle like that!