Castle room

Hi everyone! First post in here, but definitely not the last…

A word of explanation. A big show will soon take place in my faculty (engineering), where by tradition my association presents a short movie. I volunteered to produce a short 3D animation to introduce this little movie.

Idea : I’d like to animate a Lego character (last year the introduction I made was a stop-motion lego movie, 6 months of patience, never again :slight_smile: in a castle room (wich is what I’m working on a the moment), and make the Lego launch the “real” movie on a computer.

I’m fairly new to blender, so I could use some advice. I’m not really happy with what I could manage to do so far, but I didn’t find any better solution by myself for now…

Thanks by advance for your help, I hope I’ll soon be able to help others myself!



Some updates

Added fire, will launch animation computation when going to sleep. I’d like to make it more “united”, less “particulated” if you see whay I mean…

Also changed the lights and added a first version of my little Lego :slight_smile:

Please feel free to criticise, I’m here for it!


Some updates

I added the fire, with 3 lamps attached to it. I’d like to make it more “united” and less “particularized”, but I’ll see what it becomes when animated tomorrow morning. I also added my little friend Lego and some decoration on the table (with area lamp for the computer)

Please feel free to criticise, that’s why I’m here!


I tried to post some updated pictures yesterday, but somehow it didn’t work… So I try again (I apologize to the moderators if my posts are just waiting for approval, I don’t know yet all the rules…)

Feel free to comment!


LEGO is my middle name!
(seriously, my name is ______ LEGO Minifig;))

Ok, I’ll change that :wink:

By the way, I generated my minifig with LDraw, but I still have a problem with the face textures (it kind of distort the head on th render). Do you know how I could fix this? Use a separate texture on a “blank” head?

PS : I posted 2 updates yesterday evening, would it be possible to show them so I could get some feedback please? Thanks

I don’t know much about LDraw.
I use LeoCAD for my blender LEGO’s.

(the scene looks pretty good to me BTW)

Update, added fire and my minifig



Looks a little on the dark side in the render. I can look up some lighting resources for you to look through, if you’re interested.
Looks like you have a good start going and a good handle on materials. The scene looks great for using with a Lego character.

Te fire needs more work and also the lighting , but overall a very nice scene. Well done.

I added yesterday a “magic control fluid” part (just to impress people :wink: which is rendering at the time, but when it’s finished I’ll work a bit on the lighting and the fire. For the fire it’ll be guessing-testing, but if you have some advices for the lights I’m listening. I alread found some info via google, but some experience in interior lighting would be much appreciated.

By the way, could I have problems running multiple (2) instances of blender, to work on different files simultaneously? I’m working on a Core 2 duo with 2GB ram running linux 64 (that I considered way too powerful for my needs until I had to bake 400 frames of fluid sim at decent resolution :slight_smile: My cpu usage is almost at max when rendering (190 %).

Ok, fluid render is finally done!

The result is here.

Now I’ll add some detail (photos, posters, furniture) in the scene and try to improve the lighting.