Castle Scene

a simple little scene i made. the only problems are the shiny look of everything and the moat texture. i hope to add more.

Demo 1 Screen:

Demo 2 Screen:


Demo 2

Looks pretty good. However, the cobblestone texture bordering the grass has a giant sean running through it. The boulder also looks a little perfect. The gateway/door looks great though.

Imma ty to make one too.I just downloaded tonnes of textures

here it is

Not a bad job!

how do i remove that shiny look without messing up the textures?
and how do i change the look of the texture for the moat door?
and, the outline of the grass looks that way because i messed somethin up with a texture, so i changed it. i’ll try fixing it later.

and… anyone know how to maybe model a knight to walk around in the castle? :slight_smile:

For the shiny rock, press F5 to go to the matrials panel and press TEXFACE.

than go to MAP TO and press ADD NEW than press UV

that’ll do it.

it looks alot better now!
how about the moat and knight?

Looks good! I have nothing better to do, I’ll try making a few scenes.

i’m thinking about making an entire town. and, i have a rigged character, but hes real simple and the armatures are sorta messed up.
and, how do i give him gravity, because when i do he flies up in the air. and, when i move a leg armature, the leg lags behind and just shrinks…
i’ll upload the updated file.

Try tiling your textures fewer times and using larger ones (a 1024^2 map is a good size).

and how can i fix the player?