castle tower defence (game recrution)

i need a texturer, animator and a coder for this, the idea is a cartoony tower defence game where you use 4 towers, flame, electricity, machine gun and missiles, to defend a castle from sheep. experience with BGE is needed also any ideas for name would be awesome. you can download the blend file here

list of things that can be done
-texturing the turrets and sheep
-making a random spawn for sheep
-placing the turrets so they conform with the ground
-making the turrets only shoot and track to the sheep within a certain distance
-texturing the ground ie: making paths
-making a sky box

some renders of the sheep and the turrets:, will be putting the castle that you defend soon.
side view

im thinking about helping you just i want to see a gameplay video or something more showing more of the actuall game first.