Castle town Level - Update!

I wanted to give a sneek peek at a small project I have been working on.

Im planning on doing a full level and then releasing it as a level only. Not a game.

This is one of those things where I want to see if I can do a level design that looks good.

I will post more soon after I get most of the castle up.

Did you make all the textures yourself? They look very nice.

Anyway, it looks very promising, keep it up! :smiley:

Naa I jacked em from all over the internet. They were not all 100% tileable. I made most of those from other textures. Photoshop is a good tool for making new textures out of old ones. :smiley:

looks good. Whats the poly count?

Needs some form of shading.

yes, shading is what it needs. perhaps a lightmap to get some shadows cast from those buildings as well. other than that it looks awesome :yes:

I second the poly count question. Also, do you have limits on your texture sizes? Is there a certain consoles hardware spec you are designing to?

Also, curious about your inspiration to create a medieval town.

Cool! A castle component system. Gameblenderists medieval swiss army knife. Do you plan to make this a community project ? In the sense that others can alter, expand etc. and finally republish (here) ?

The two towers on the close side of what looks to be a bridge with no road have a black line outliining them, while the other grey walls etc don’t. Maybe I’m not seeing straight (well, I do have 25/45 vision) Also, in the lowish left corner, either the path takes a straight drop down or one to many faces have the grass texture.

WOW great responses guys. I will answer all of your questions as best I can.

Polycount? As of right now its about 10,000 quads. Most of that is the ground and will be taken down alot as soon as I create the buildings. Its pretty much a grid I placed and I will make a lower poly one later.

Textures? about 50% are not mine and the other half are ones I made from other textures as I said before. Most of them are like 30k and 24k. mid quality Jpegs. about 256x256

Free? Yes I plan for this to be an OPEN level as to where you can just drop in your character and have him walk around and such. None of the buildings have insides. That keeps the poly count low.

Background buildings? Those I will post images here tonight as I finish them. What you see in the back there is the start of a castle wall. I have a nice layout for the castle, you will see…


I am working on a few different ideas I had for the castle wall. You can see all my comparisons here. I think I’m going to go with the darker small stones.

More images as I build.

I like your texturing work!
I need to make a nice terrain tonight like yours.

For acquiring textures from photos, I like to use this tool :
here is a better example:

it will even dodge or burn the corners for you so it is a bit easier to make them tile.
they have a free non-commercial version 8)
I never can seem to hold my camera at just the right angle :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool thanks for the link. I think I have this program somewhere…

Pretty cool stuff. But I am an old photoshop guy… hehe

Great job mate :wink:

We have pretty decent “bake to uv” tools by now, don’t we?

I’m not sure - never really used them, but if they can get the job done without creating too much extra geometry (cough radiosity cough…) then they’re definitely worth a shot.

hehe Yeah when im all done with modeling and texturing I will knock out the shading and lighting. I do plan for it to be a dark level no blue skies here. Overcast with a hint of rain.

Here you go.

nice work, I like the cloud back drop, adds a lot to the scene.

I will tell you my taste of castles, guys. In this one they managed to imprison “Earl Dracula” (Vlad Tepes) for years. Really spooky:

Took off shading while I work…

I started on the castle. Thanks for the pic 3D-Penguin. I used it for inspiration.