Castle Tutorial

I’m doing this online tutorial at, and I am stuck at one part. I don’t understand how they made the arched doorway. I’ve gotten this far- (There is a wall in back, but there isn’t any lighting or anything yet.)
If you have any other better tutorials that I can take, I would gladly appreciate the advice. I am also working on The 7th Wonder “The Mausoleum and Halicarnassus” for school. If you could help me out here, that would also be gladly appreciated.

Did that tutorial too ^^ Was pretty helpfull, learned allot from it :stuck_out_tongue:

They want you delete the lowest edge on the wall where you want the gate, then using F-key to make it a closed mesh again (select the 2 left verticles, press F-key, then repeat for right) once you’re done with that, just sellect all verticles in the mesh and press Shift + F-key to fill the mesh again…

Hope that helped :stuck_out_tongue: