castle wall problem

i am newb at this
and sorry if im double posting i couldnt find a post like this
im following the castle guide but i cant give the wall depth
i putin a 5 sided mesh circle i dont get the next step. explain better then theydo plese

I think you need to scale it(it’s hard to tell from your description) press the “s-key” in edit mode with all verts selected,

Select all the verts in editmode. Press E to extured them. Right after you hit E, press S. Move the cursor in a little and left click. Hope it helps. :wink:

do extrude all vertices,individual faces or wat?
and you do all this from the top view im asuming, right?

Yea… from top view. That would give the wall depth. If you did it from front view it would kinda screw it up.

nevermind i think i got it thanx