Hi There. I am working on this scene and would be nice if you could give me some feedback. I feel I have water wrong but I don’t know what exactly is wrong.


I know nothing of how to make water, but it feels mountainous, not water like. I love the scene, and wish I could help with the water.

Thank you. The castle is on the rock but the falling parts should make nice splashes.

Can’t you do a water simulation of some kind, that automatically does the splashes?

Too bad you destroy such a beautifull castle :wink:

Sorry i can be of no help for the water & splashes in blender :confused:

Happy blending !

I had this same idea but or the fluid simulation is so slow or I am doing it wrong. I cant get any reasonable splash for whole day. Small resolution almost no effect. Higher when something is showing up that I could start adjust takes hours to bake so every adjustment takes more time. But anyway thanks for comment. That is somehow proof that I am thinking in a right way.

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Well sorry, too late, its slowly moving to the ocean.

First off, they need to fire the civil engineer who did their foundation survey … :smiley:

I’d revisit the texture that you use on the rocks so that it has more contrast with the stone that was used to build the castle.

You could also benefit by cropping the image, on all four margins, to choke-in as tightly as possible upon the subject (“joke”) of the image. In many, many real-world photos as in this one, there’s “a picture within the picture.”

I don’t understand “a picture within the picture”? I am trying to do a fluid sim in a separate file and bring the geometry to this one but I have no idea how to do it.

Hey, amazing pic!!

I just feel that the ripples on the water are really big, it makes the castle feel a little small, like it was a toy. Great work!

Thank you.

Almost done. Two light tests One better for lanscape other for castle. Whats your favorite?

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I prefer #2. The castle is the main subject, so I think it’s best to see more of it.

Thank you for your comment. This project is finished although I am pleased to hear your opinion. have you seen the finished ono? Falling (moving) castle