any suggestions?

ummmm… a sense of scale?




it look good, maybe a gutter and some flags or somthing like that

enable autosmooth and give some sense of scale…

Nice, now for textures and a scene.

As for a sense of scale, I believe this is just a model (correct me if I’m wrong) so to say it needs a sense of scale is jumping the gun, scale is created with camera , textures, and an enviroment. Once these are added then you can talk scale.

But I do agree that it needs steps to get in the castle. Also looks like a temple of some sort. Good start, keep it up.

I meant sense of scale as in tiny warriors walking around at the base :slight_smile: :wink:

You will add tiny warriors, won’t you? :smiley:

a little updated…

come to think of it…yeah I’ll probably would.

Actually… the stairs do quite a good job of giving a sense of scale to the building better than figures would. With the stairs you get to use your imagination a bit more.