I was working on this for a while but I can’t think of anything else to do to it so here it is:

C&C are welcome; although I may not be able to update because I’m very busy.

It’s cool, but it could be much better without that awful torch…

Yeah. The torch needs a lot of work.

Also you need to fix your ground texture on the more vertical bits…

The texture on the wall is stretched too much along the X axis. The torch’s texture looks completely out of place, and the ground just doesn’t fit too well either. Add more detail on it, some bushes, blades of grass maybe…

While the concept is good, I must agree that the textures are stretched too much.

The torch need to be either reworked texturally, or removed entirely or rebuilt entirely.

The lighting isn’t too bad, but the specularity on that rock makes it look really weird. A bump map on/of those wall stones would be awesome.

But the sky’s nice, and the terrain is fine (though details like a road/grass would enhance it) but there is one error under the tower closest to the camera, where the terrain dips below it.

did u forget to put osa on?
the idea is good, but the torsh need alot of work. Fire is also much denser than u drew it.

good model. it could use some bump mapping and the stones look better if they were tuned 90 degrees.

Eh. What is up with that thing in the middle? It bothers me. It needs a new camera angle as well. Keep it up.

if i would invade that castle i’d just take a catapult( higher WALLS!!! )
with some arrows

and the …torch needs a LOT of work( i like the rest )

The walls do look short, but if I were to add a figure I could make him very tiny and the walls would look big. But without a human to show the size it does look kinda small. :expressionless:

could you please post the ground texture( i’d like to use it )
it really looks nice

I can, but I would recomend just downlaoding this texture pack. I got the texture out of it, but there are loads of great textures. Most of the textures I used here are from it.


Main things that stand out to me are the bottom spikes on the corner towers. For one they seem out of place and insubstantial, even for a “fantasy” castle like this. You could make them dig into the ground, or generally more detailed. For major foreground elements, they seem way too fake and undetailed. The central torch/tower has already been well criticized :slight_smile: But it needs more subdivision if you want it to have ‘smooth’ normals like that. And the long arms are slightly confusing.

Dont Delete the tourch just flip the normals on the faces and use the bevel tool so you can get a better look.