I am modeling a castle based on the reference image below :

Right now I am just doing the towers:
the top piece
added a cylinder
doing boolean
more boolean
adding brick trims around windows
added the support beams(?) for the top
testing texturing on the cylinder

the texture is UV, not procedural.

Any comment or critiques would be appreciated. Thank you…Voc

looks good, are you just planning on duplicating the first tower or making each one different?

Looks really nice. I love the texture. Once thing you could do is add a normal/bump map to the tower to make the bricks stand out.

Thanks for the replies !

lamboguy1 : I will more likely duplicate and use a different uv layout.


JayDez: Yeah, I will had some kind of bump map as well.

Thank you both…

nice start, but even on testrenders… get rid of the standard blue background :stuck_out_tongue:

I look forward to seeing more. You’ve got a good start! A good picture to use for reference. a beautiful castle.