I was working on toys for and made this video. This model can be cut on laser cutter and assembled together. Material (it can be any) plywood 3.2 mm.
So, in blender I made comoplicated model, made layout for each element and made assembly guide + DXF drawings on each part.

You also can watch it on my site

The animation is not so fantastic in front of all job, that last 3+ month. Nevertheless, scale it obvious.

In addition here is another model video:

On site makecnc there are amount of my another scenes, so, look, enjoy.

Thanks for attention.

And please, kill another my thread in finished artworks, it was mistake.

Comeon! Add your review

The castle animation is wonderful, and the second work is very original and beautiful. Congrats.

Wow! You’ve about inspired me to build a castle! Awesome series!