castles [bent & flaring]

I did these as my first tutorials into Blender a couple of months ago … started from the Blender castle tutorial …
Bent Castle (you can still see the initial square :stuck_out_tongue: … guess I didn’t know how to remove it then?)

I enjoyed the flares … at least out of frustration as I had made a monkey head abstract flare thingie nirvana picture … and I didn’t save … or it crashed … I don’t remember

PS: are pictures this big a problem? should I just put links?[/img]


(I think posting the pics is okay, just make sure they’re well compressed JPEG pics, and perhaps cutting down the dimensions a bit so they all fit in one window without scrolling would be great!)

Neat experimentations! I think that’s the best way to learn Blender: do a tutorial then take it to the next step by “messing around” to see what effects you can achieve. Nicely done!

To delete the initial plane just select it in object mode and press “x”

Keep it up!!


thanks :slight_smile:
maaan … it’s sooo cool to receive encouragements :stuck_out_tongue: … I think I rather need them … and they are a great fuel for me :stuck_out_tongue:
so, thanks again,

PS: huh, I’m happy the pictures are ok … I’ll see to it that they are compressed jpgs … and keep in mind the size … but still big size is neat :slight_smile:

ps2: question: what happens if the source site where the images were originally placed dissapears? do they dissapear from the forums too?



you should have a play with particles, many an hour can be wasted pissing around with them > Particles, from the Blender Manual

keep it up!