Castor bean tick - Ixodes ricinus

Latest progress:

Hey everybody
After not being active here for quite a while I thought I might share my latest project with you: At the moment I am working on a female Castor bean tick (Ixodes ricinus). My goal is to have it fully animated in the end. Here is how far I got until now:


So modelling and unwraping is done but I have to figure out how to copy all my vertex groups to the other side now when I apply the mirror modifier. Any ideas would be appreciated: Mirroring vertex groups

Working on the materials at the moment (hand painted in PaintShopPro). I think it is difficult to achive a natural look.

Here is a reference for comparison:
Female Castor bean tick

Getting there…

I have another problem over here: All the bones are gone :astonished: I unhid everything but they are still not visible. They do still appear in the collection though so they should still be somewhere around, right? :face_with_monocle:
Any ideas will be highly appreciated!

So the next step: I created a slider that controls the shape key as well as the displacement and material in order to animate the process of feeding.

I did not rediscover the bones so I had to redo all of them. But now the model is ready for animation. Here is a quick first test of some of the movements:

Looks real good. :slight_smile:
But I have hard time liking this infectious bestiality as they are now everywhere even in the grass of homes in my location.

Thanks a lot! Yes, I agree, it is not the most likeable character from all animal kingdom to depict :blush:

So here comes a quick test animation. Hair and skin materials are switched off but you can see them in the pictures below. I would be happy to hear your opinions…

Well… Never seen this creature up so close. Looks nice, can’t seem to find a way how to get more progress in it. Btw, do you study biology or something of that sort, when you are doing this project? :smiley: