Casual Social Game: MONSTERWARZ - 3D artist required


I’m currently working on a fun casual social game targeting iOS and WP7 and require a talented freelance 3D artist required to create suitable models and associated textures.

They say a image says a 1000 words - so here is a WIP video of the game I’m currently developing:

Require low-poly models (400-500 polys per model), approx. 4 base meshes with varying textures (approx. 8 characters to choose from).

If you can animate then great - otherwise nice clean meshes appreciated and I can model.

Style: audience - tweens and females - so cute, colourful, deadly characters required.

If interested then please email me your portfolio, rates, and (rough) estimated effort for project. You can find my email at

Cheers and look forward to hearing from you (if you’re the talented artist I’m looking for),