Casual Tutor/Support for enthusiastic beginner

Hi, My 13YO son is showing interest in Blender to the point where he has started modelling planes and guns for a game he and his friends have spoken about creating. I would like to find someone who is able to provide a good level of online support (in English) to maintain his interest and develop his skills. He does not have the focus to learn through reading and I do not have the time to learn Blender to the level that I can provide the range of support he needs.

He is interested and this is the most self-motivated I have seen him. He is of course a keen gamer, and has limited experience of 3D CAD, programming and graphics programs (such as Fusion360, Inkscape and GIMP - which I can support him with).

I am a freelancer in a very different field and I hope that I am fair with my offer of payment: £20 an hour on a very casual basis, you keep a timesheet and send it through (weekly, I guess) and I’ll check with my son that it describes things he has received support on. It’s unlikely to be more than 3 or 4 hours a week.

I guess it makes sense to book an initial session (Teams/Zoom/Screen Share) where he can show you what he’s up to and you can talk him trough how to improve his workflow. I’d like to pay half-rate for this initial session (an hour, or maybe slightly less according to his attention span…)

Equally, if you have any suggestions of people or places to approach directly, they will be gratefully received.

Thanks Everyone,


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I suggest subscribing to an online tutorial program; is a very good site in my opinion. They have several courses from beginner to advanced, and there is a community of artists and tutors that give feedback. I think the cost of a monthly subscription is about 30 dollars.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look.

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