Cat. Againz
I started over. Uses the same head, but the arms don’t suck this time, he has a tail, and it’s generally cleaner/better.

Still dunno how I’ll do eyes and hands.

Edit: I added eyes. The general verdict is that this is extremely creepy.

Can’t see it try again please.

Fixed and updated.

I still can’t see it.


yep :slight_smile: I have to agree on the creepy. What are your plans for this character?

Just animations to share with friends, really. Any ideas how to make it Not creepy?

hmmm, maybe a little belly would make him less creepy. And throw a mouth on there so that it can smile. :smiley:

I think the dramatic lighting you have adds to the creepy, try more ambient lighting and maybe change the default background

Any tutorials on how I could add a smile?

lets see a wire

Okay, how do I do that?

on the materials panel clic in WIRE then render it

I found that making the eye less grey and making it not deer-in-headlights made it better.

Note that I’m using the ‘cartoon eye’ tutorial, but with the ‘realistic eye’ texure.

Why are you taking screenshots of blender render? Why don’t you just “save image” as soon as it’s done rendering?

That’s just the way I do it. Can we stay on topic and not point out irrelevant issues?

Well the topic is your render and model isn’t it? Or is the topic really about the screenshots of your render…

I mean… I myself would think it’d be faster (And probably better image-quality-wise) to just save the image directly from Blender as soon as you render it.

Hey FuzzMaster, don’t get so touchy I think he was just trying to help

If you render the wire frame image, then click File, Save Image, type the name of the image and then, add the .jpg to the end of it things will be cool,

If your wanting help with your stuff you should try being a little more polite

were all just trying to help

As for the model… the cat doesn’t have enough of a snout… or a nose.

I know you’re trying to help, but pointing out that I just screenshot my renders instead of doing it the ‘normal way’ is sort of pointless.

As for the wireframes, I did post them, but the link was messed up. It’s fixed now.