cat animation

hi all,

I put here an animation I’ve done with blender.
no extraordinary render… just animation of a cat playing with a bug… (in fact, I’ve played myself with this cat hehe)

feel free to comment and critic!
critics are best way to learn, even I’m not going to change anything, it would be for an another render :wink:

the file is an 3.5Mo avi in divX:
download cat_and_bug_divx.avi
If the link idn’t work go at this url:
clic here to access to url



The ear twitch…

Just splendid :slight_smile:

Thanks for making me smile after a rough day at work.


Wow, that was very good. Very nice animation. You really got the characteristics of a cat playing.

Only small crit is that in some places it seems a little too slow, the movements of the cat and the bug while in the air.

Again, really good work.

I would be interested in seeing your rig setup for the cat.

Wow. Really nice animation work.

I agree that some of the stuff was a little slow. Especially the roll over and the swatting of the bug.

The deformations at the front elbow joint look a little off too. But that is a minor thing.

Really great movements. Just get them sped up and it will be perfect.


:o :smiley: Sweet. You could work on the shape of the tail when it hits the floor.

that’s fantastic:wink:

havn’t got anything else to say

luss: this is a splendid animation!!! What a scene, sweet and VERY clever!


Very funny, enjoyed watching it !

Some small things I noticed:

The first head movement in sitting pose is a little too abrupt, second is more belivable.

When the cat jumps at the bug for the first time, the ears don’t move at all, you could put them to the back and front to stress the “suddenness” of the jump.

When the bug flies at the camera, the cats head follows it immediatly, as if the cat knew where it will land beforehand. Maybe put in a very short delay of the head movement.

Overall, very impressive movement. I tried to animate a cartoonish lioness some time ago, but failed to get the armature right. (I couldn’t stop the paws from “iceing” over the floor)

I’d like to learn from your rigging, can you post it ? :slight_smile:

actions are all good.
now, you only need to fix timing.

oh, and right in the beginning, some of the motions “stopped” before another started… that looked slightly strange.


That’s a wonderful animation!
It really reminds me of my cat (playing with fake mices)

My single small crit would be that the cat movements don’t seems “wide” enough… or maybe it’s just that my own cat use to hit the fake mouse so strongly that everytime she does that; the poor mouse jumps in the air :slight_smile:

Wow nice one!!
great animation I love the bit where the cat taps the bug with his foot, you’ve got all the characteristics of the cat off to a tee. Just as the others said it’s only a question of timing in some parts that need a bit of tweaking. Very nice work. :wink:

Nice work!

I really enjoy this animation, Cats are my favorite animals. The only things I can think to do to make it better, is to fix that slow turn over, when he turns back to his paws, and then to make the falling of the camera animation quicker. Plus you could try to use static particles to add hair to the cat. I know that was a bit much to ask, but I really do enjoy this animation.

Great animation, well done. :wink:

Very very good work, as someone who has had cats my entire life I found the behaviour and movements very accurate :slight_smile: I also thought the ear twitching and bug up the screen were very nice touches.

Going to try giving the cat fur with the fibre or beast script?

wow, very good work.

now add on that moving hair from a little bit ago and make it realistic.
that would be awesome!

First off - your animation is quite steady - I like that.

But it could do with some more speed…x 1.5 faster would do the

What you need to do next time when you animate is to remember:

  1. Few frames between the extremes & keys

  2. A few MORE frames on ease-in’s and ease out’s.

  3. Plan your animation by timing - do it first by jotting down some quick
    key’s by hand…scan them…and animate them (pencil-test) and add/subtract frames to see what you want.

The biggest mistake made in computer animation is motion-blindness,
it simply means one is “hypnoticed” by the slick fluid motions…and everything then tends to end up too-slick and too robotic.

I’m pretty sure that you tried to follow the above rules BEFORE I mentioned them to you, but I’m writing it anyway because it’s important to emphasize these points and make them even more visible in your work.

Keep up the really good work!!!

very well animated. sometimes a bit too smooth, like when it’s rolling on its back. but overall “A+”

Hi! thanks a lot! learned a lot too!

you motivated me!

I will try to fix all the timing problems you’re talking about…
and there’s a lot of crits on timing!

for skinning: I’ve done a very fast skinning… there’s a lot of parts that must be fixed!

for rigging: I’m not really happy with my armatures… I’ve try to elliminate problems of paws sliding, but there’s still problems! some specific animations of paws necessitate to turn the constrains influences to 0, and animate bones in forward kinematics(ex: when playing with bug) (but it’s in general necessary, isn’t it?)

I put here a link to the armatures
armature file

for animate the paw, I’ve keyed:
-the inv_arm and inv_leg in LocRot (paw location and orientation)
-the ik_arm and ik_leg in Loc (position of the paw: standing, sitting, jumping, etc…)
-in some cases, I key the const.influence of ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’ bones, for allowed Rot keys on those bones (forward kinematic)

Have fun!

Well! It seems that I’m now busy with all these crits :smiley: