Cat animation

Here it is.

I made this animation for computer graphics and animation I, which I took at DVC.

It took me several months to make. Constructive crits. are welcome, but I have been done with this thing for a year or two, so they will be applied to my next animation.

The thing the cat pounces on is a modal of the usb-drive I had at the time.

Cool, I have tried to animate a walk cycle with a catlike creature before with four legs. It’s very hard! But your walk cycle looks great. The other movements are a little stiff though. But so far so good, I give you 3.5 of 5 stars.

This was the first animation I ever made, so I’m very glad you like the walk. I know the other movements are bad, plus my rig sucks, but at least I’m learning!

it seems like in the walk the cat is sticking in a pose, perhaps you should cut the last frame off the walk cycle so it loops better. Keep animating!

Thanks for the walk cycle advice, I am not going to go back and fix this animation, but I will watch out for that in the next one.

Excellent site - do keep up the good work. ------ Babygirl (Hot Kicks).

Nice cat animation.

It ain’t easy to animate a cat - - I particularly like the way it’s back looks.

I think the back and front legs should be less in time with each other. If the back legs were, say, moved two frames later, I think that’d look better.