Cat head

I want to do this as a modeling exercise, and for texturing. So I’ve modelled this cat head, but to me it just doesn’t look like a cat’s head. Can someone tell what is wrong with it and what i can do to make it better?

PS the texture isnt finished.

We’d need to see the mesh before that :slight_smile:

With the texturing it’s almost impossible to see what’s "wrong"with it.

But I think you missed something in the jaw line.

I’m not sure of a good way to show you the mesh apart from giving you the .blend.
cat mesh.blend (171 KB)

could be a problem with the mouth. it doesnt “wrap” around where the jaw should be.

would be nice to see front and side view to better see the overall shape

then might be able to compare to real cat’s head and see waht;s wrong with it

and remove the Mapping for now - this should be done only at the end when satisfied with the mesh itself in any case!

happy blendering

Here are the front and side views.

front view is definitively too wide

see a cat i did some times ago

sorry i never finish the texture on this cat! LOL

happy blendering