Cat Like Robot

Wow been so long since I last posted anything here XD. Dig blender from depths of PC and played with it, kinda miss doing some 3d.

Drew and modeled this cat? robot, so far I like the result. Im into rigging now which I am not very good at and will probably change some parts like the arms.
I want to do some small animation and been searching for how to make something to eve [from wall-e eyes] for the mouth. Anyone can point me on good resource how to do that. Thank you :slight_smile:

I cant decide on the color, I’m really liking the red and white one.
Rig is almost finish - though I dont really know if its a good idea on placing the sliders on top.

Personally, I like either the blue or the white one.
I believe you can animate textures, which may be the way to achieve EVE’s style of eyes/mouth, but I’ve never actually done that myself, I’m afraid.
Overall, looks good!