cat-mouse-dog poker battle

hi there,
in order of a short animation i am about to create in blender, i’m just really busy modelling, texturing, rigging… u know :wink: here are the first 2 characters, although the cat isnt finished at all, its more or less just a color test. the mouse i consider as finished.
the story is roughly just that cat and dog are playing poker in an alley and the mouse is the cheating dealer… lol, sounds kinda stupid i know:confused:
critiques always welcome


I like the mouse.

I like a lot the house. :slight_smile: Looks like a nice project.

Wow very nice. Love the materials on the mouse, and the modeling on the house is superb.

Only crit is in the second to the last render, the DoF is off. The trash can is a weird thing to focus on, kinda throws off the center point of the image imo. But it still look pretty good :).

Can’t wait to see this project progress!

I really like the mouse. My only suggestion is color. Everything is dull and gray.

Looks great! I really like the mouse and the scene, but the cat looks kind of strange. (I know you said that weren’t finished with it) I think its face is too flat. Try taking the nose and mouth out a bit. :slight_smile:

Look at this photo.

thanks for the comments guys… i know the cat is still far away from being perfect lol…lets just say in the story its the poor ugly one lo :wink: the dof picture was actually just a test in after effects with open exr picture. if u put in the depth information u easily can add depth of field in after effects whats actually pretty nice, cause after rendering everything u can put in dof and adjust it really fast, without having to render everything again…

well, well… here’s a little update at least as far as the set is concerned :wink: added some more details and started texturing…


Cool! Looking forward to seeing this pan out!


your modeling and texturing skills are incredible :smiley:

Loving everything! keep it up! XD

I agree with the others, this is looking promising. You have good modeling skills :slight_smile: I like the mouse’s facial expression

sweet this is looking really good!

Cool, this could be awesome when done.

hey guys,
sorry for not posting anything further quite a long time. here is the animatics to my animation which however is not the best as far as the timing is concerned. in particular the last half, everything is happening way to fast, but i gonna fix this in the final animation. the first part is already rendering right now, so i can post some final stills later on. unfortunatly, this short has to be finished by the sept 20 so i couldnt do some fine tuning since i still have to fur the cat and do about 2/3 of animation… busy busy busy, ha ha ha…

so so… rendering of the first few scenes is done. as you can see, lack of time forced me, to make some severe reductions… the road curb doesnt have any material… (totally forgot that, ha ha) the street is just an image on a plane… but if one doesnt know, it doesnt really pop in the eye, ha ha at least i hope so :wink:


Wow I had missed this one … Looks great and really promising.

aja, and here the animatics :wink:

Daym thats some pretty badass texturing going on there, very well done. Modelling is superb and for some reason that water pipe thingy keeps drawing me in… it just looks friggin awsome.

Hope this turns out well for you, atleast it looks top notch to me now.

thanks man, really appreciate it. got 1 week left, to do still some modeling, texturing and about 2/3 animation, and lighting+rendering of course :wink: so i really need some motivating words now, ha ha… i’ll try to upload some more stills tomorrow from some new renders finished by now… :wink: