Cat(starting scene atm)

I am going to try and enter the WC #200. The theme will be the cat(muzzles) unknowingly is the cause of the destruction of the world!! How? Well the picture will tell the tale…hopefully.

Here is my progress so far:

any crits and comments will be appreciated. What are your thoughts on fur: Particles, alpha maps on planes, tricky bump maps, or post-processed?

very nice, woodman. looks excellent, man.

nice, great topology. Are you going for realism or cartoony? if cartoony, and to some extent realism, you should pull his eyebrows up and make him look cute and innocent (just to throw in some comedy)

Thanks Modron. I will be going for realistic cartoony if that makes any sense jessethemind. I will push and pull verts around the eyes and mouth once I have the models in place for a scene. Thanks for the comments:D

Here is an update. Got the body pretty much done. Next I will try and make some feet. I already made the tail longer. And I have sucked the back hips in a little as well. Crits and comments welcome.

Beddy bye time…nighty night

hmm…from the side view wireframe, I instantly thought “male cat”, but in the render it really looks much smaller…
another thing is the front view, i think the legs should really come closer to the middle at the feet if you know what i mean…-they shouldnt be so wide apart at the feet- this stance makes it look more like a dog.

I think it looks larger from the side view because of it is in orthopedic view. I agree on the width of the legs, they should be closer together. I may revisit the legs once I have the feet done. Thanks tigger.

The ears look a little too big, and something just seems off, can’t quite place it, perhaps pulling the nose/mouth area out a little bit. seems to be a good refrence pic


Looks nice, though the head seems a little too small for the body. I assume the tail is so thin because you intend to cover it in fur, but in that case the body looks too thick. Most cats without hair (must… resist… shaved… pussy… joke…) look really quite skinny.

Looking good.

A bit more definition of the muscles around the limbs would be good.
The ears are a bit on the large side.
More vert loops on the tail are needed.


Well,that is lovely :stuck_out_tongue: the head is exellent. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun :slight_smile:

If you intend to add fur to it make it thinner (take as a reference a hairless cat)

Looks good so far.

The ears could be thinner.

Thank you all for the help, no updates today…sorry.

katsuro: Yes, some things look a little off. I think it is in the body mostly. and everything is a little too thick.

Paul J: You are right. I will be adding hair so my fault was in modelling the cat as if the fur were skin. I will skinny things up before moving on.

Algorith: Thanks, the ears are actually modelled to a couple cat pictures I have so I think that is ok. The ears are a bit think though. I will add more vert loops around the tail(thanks, I might have missed that otherwise).

foCus: Thank you sir! I can’t help but have fun when I sit down and double click on that beautiful blender icon :slight_smile:

cipix: You are absolutely right. References of hairless cats is the missing link to this model. Thanks again.

BeBraw: Yep, I will make the ears a little thinner.

I will take all of these suggestions into the next part of modelling tomorrow. But for now sleepy time. Thank you all for helping me out!

Hello all,

I started on the fur. If anyone knows where I can get the patch to be able to flip 3d curves over an axis that would be great. I found a a thread by Wim in which he addresses the curve mirroring bug. Please let me know what you think…thanks. I am going to add color variations in post process at the end. Oh, and don’t worry about the eyes for right now as they are placeholders.

omg, that’s look so good! I really think its hard to make good looking fur… good job :smiley:

how did u make the fur follow the body?

flip 3d curves over an axis, not sure, so its not like rotating by 180 by pressing r then the axix, xyz…

The fur looks a bit off but its a good start. How did you start modeling the cat, it seems to look harder than modeling that of a humans head.

I used a whole bunch of curve guides to have the hair follow the body. Fligh showed me how to flip the 3d curve guides over an axis, first you have to reset the axis orientations of the guides by selecting them and pressing ctrl + A then you can mirror them over any axis. I modelling the cat head pretty much the same way I would model a human head: Get some decent reference pictures and model vert by vert.

Thanks for looking.

I dont think ther should be fur on the nose but otherwise wow!
Ive been trying to make a cat, but im no good with animals so it luks v bad.

Very good start. Great cat head, though I’m not very clear on how cat’s muzzles can destroy anything other than mice and icy hearts.

With the fur remeber that you can have different colors from different vert. groups. Even though I guess you want your cat to be a solid color some slight variations could help in the realism. I’d ask FoCus if he can give you any help, he seems to know his hair.

Crap…I just missed it. Oh well, here is what I last minute rushed. Those particles kill my computer.

Well, now I can put some more time into it at least. I am going to go ahead and finish this one.