Cat-Tank from Stand Still Stay Silent

A few months ago my friend Haiz got me into a cool webcomic called Stand Still, Stay Silent, and I decided that since I’ve already modelled something from all my other favourite webcomics, I should model something from this too. I also wanted to try modelling a vehicle, so I decided on modelling the Cat-Tank (first appearance is here, but I used this page for reference mostly)

Here’s my progress so far:

Most recent addition is the side-mirrors, with a fun little detail thanks to that useless Swede:

I’m having trouble making the tape look good, though. Right now it’s an extruded helix with a shrinkwrap modifier, and while it looks good from a distance, it intersects quite visibly when you look closer. Any thoughts?

Also, some experiments with the headlights:

Looks good! Only thing is: The head and the trunk seem to be totally disconnected, which doesn’t seem quite possible. I’m thinking that the author always does some doodling to imply the mechanical connection between the two parts.

If you look at this page, you can see that one can enter the head from the trunk and vice versa. Maybe they are connected by an accordion?

Almost done modelling now! All that’s left is doing some detailing on the interior and maybe add some more mechanical-looking things to the antenna, and then I can start texturing! Again, any critique is welcome.

Thanks, I was not entirely sure of how to connect them. Thanks for the feedback!

Texturing is coming along!