Catalyst 8.9 makes Blender work again!
I was using Catalyst 8.8 previously, and Blender would not work, it would crash on start up imediately, with a stackhash error. I found a workaround (if you care, read the above thread), and Blender would work, but it was a hastle and Blender still crashed as soon as I entered the new Particle Mode.
Anyways, I downloaded Catalyst 8.9, and now Blender works just fine (as far as I can tell). Both issues I’ve experience previously have been resolved, and I’m very happy with ATI right now. Anyone having problems with ATI cards, please try out 8.9.
What I did:

  1. Uninstall old drivers using the provided uninstaller. (Run the catalyst install, and select uninstall.)
  2. Reboot into Safe Mode.
  3. Run Driver Cleaner (I used Driver Sweeper, as it’s free, link below.)
  4. Remove all ATI drivers using the Driver Cleaner/Sweeper (I also removed some NVIDIA drivers that were on there for some reason, I have never used a NVIDIA on this computer?)
  5. Reboot again, this time start normally.
  6. Install Catalyst 8.9.
  7. Reboot for the final time when prompted, and your done.
    Driver Sweeper:
    Thanks, I hope this helps, let me know if it does or if I can answer any questions.

I hesitate to update Catalyst. The last time I did my computer randomly restarted. I found out it was Catalyst when I disabled the restart on system error thingy. It stopped when I updated. Blender works at the moment. I’ll just leave it as is until I get a new card. :spin:

thanks for the tips. i have radeon 2600pro and it has worked fine so far.

buttons you have an nvidea on board chipset. i like the new ati cards.

I don’t have a chipset. Unless the P5Q Pro has a chipset?

all computers have a chipset. it’s the only way a screen will work before installing a graphics card.

So wrong. Many low end and an increasing number of mid-range motherboards have integrated graphics. Most motherboards don’t.

What he is referring to is the fact that all computers have a chipset on the motherboard that handle the PCI bus, Hard Drives, onboard sound, onboard video (if present). NVidia is a HUGE supplier of these chipsets to MB manufacturers. So even if you don’t have any NVIDIA graphics on board, there is still a very large chance that the chipset could still be NVIDIA based.

Anyway, I just “Upgraded” from an NVIDIA 8800GT to a Radeon 4850. While everything in Blender is working fine, I noticed that rotoscoping over a background image is slower with the 4850 (slooow) as compared to the 8800GT (smooth). Overall, I liked the 8800GT better, but with ATI having a competitive product out, I wanted to give the Red team some business.