Cataphract - Heavy Air-Space fighter


I started working on a heavy fighter/bomber a year or more ago. The original picture. I started a redesign because I got stuck. Now I’m stuck again. I don’t like either of them too much and I can’t figure out what they need either.

A cataphract (greek) was an armoured cavalry warrior/horse by the way. Often archer as well as lancer. They were the shock troups of the ancient world, disciplined and powerful. (I was reading an “alternative” Byzantium-history/sci-fi book and loved the name.)

Cataphract (original): -

<b>Cataphract  B</b> -

Note: These are 640x480. To see the full-size 1024x758 pics you have to go to and select that size, under the thumbnail. Donno why, but the direct link doesn’t work.

Now, Cataphract (1st) is more like what I wanted, big, heavy, powerful and deadly orbit to high atmosphere bomber. But its getting too poly-heavy already (lots of Sub-D and modelled detail where it probably doesn’t count) and it just… doesn’t quite work for me. Incidentally, if you look closely you may be able to see that the blister on top of the superstructure is actually a small bridge, not a cockpit. Or probably not.

The CataphractB is cleaner… but looks more like a heavy airplane, I think the cockpit portholes make it look smaller, and I’m having trouble with the creasing of the sub-Ds.
And how the blazes do you cut out a section of a sub-D mesh without having it go all rounded edge on you???

Anyway. Help! :frowning: