Categories not show in asset browser

I’m trying out the new asset browser and I find myself a little confused. I created a library and put a Material .blend file with tagged materials and a Models .blend file with a few models in it. When I open the Asset Browser window it just shows the home icon with the word catalog below it and Unassigned below that. Selecting either All or Unassigned show both files with their assets available but the browser doesn’t look like what I’m seeing in videos, with Scenes, Animations, Objects & Collections, Geometry, Shading, Images and sounds, Environment, Misc. None of those folder are there. Is this a new build, are things changing? Just wondering if anyone has run into this, or a good link to understand how to properly set this up it would be appreciated. Thanks!

Yes I get something similar, I tried it out for the first time the other day.

I made a library blend file for some materials, I can access those materials from any file but there are no preset categories visible.

Just “all” and “unassigned”.

I have not tried with videos or other things only materials.

I would prefer that when you mark something as an asset, Blender could save the asset in an asset file (rather than linking to the file it original comes from) and also categorise the asset automatically.

Maybe we are doing something wrong but I think the feature is far from finished.

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Thanks for the reply, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was hoping it was just a hidden button or something simple. I would really like to get building a library but I guess I’ll wait until the beta comes out.

same experience here as well.

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It looks like this is the new way, and is a work in progress, it’s explained in the newest Blender.Today LIVE #172

Yes I see we will have to wait a bit to be able to name them. The asset browser is promising but not yet ready.


Hi all, I had a similar problem when trying to save to catalogs. Blender doesn´t seem to be able to write the asset browser file anywhere on the drive. I solved this by creating a folder for the asset browser directly in the documents folder that windows provides. After changing the path to the new location I was able so safe my changes I made while organizing my assets.

Hope this helped.

Having the same issue here too. I only see the Home icon with the asset browser library rather than Materials/Geometry nodes lists seen in other demonstrations. When i open a new Blend. File it does not appear to link my assets either. Tried 3.1 alpha too but no luck :frowning:

Feel like i’m going to be wasting time creating an asset blend.file for all my stuff but i’m going to persist anyways as it will be needed to be done at some point.

If anyone has way to rectify this issue, don’t hesitate to let me know :slight_smile:

Sometimes the community becomes over-excited about some features like this asset browser, the multi-user addon or the Geo nodes, that end up being a waste of time because they are not ready, require a huge learning investment (geonodes) and/or do nearly nothing more than the default blender (the asset browser that everybody was waiting for only stores a file path and adds a picture, it is not such a game-changer in my POV.

Blender 3.1.1 released today, seems fixed the problem.