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(eyelight) #41

I may have misread or misconstrued after reading your comment calling me snide, from which I guess you took my comment personally too. However I do stand on how changes happen and are then discussed!

My comment here would be that the Contests section should be after (the current) Artwork section, if not even incorporated there

(BigBlend) #42

I would really like the news category to be in top. General and off topic can stay at the bottom because they get off topic really fast but news really shows the power of blender. Art should be on top too of course but we have features section that is updated regularly and that is the first thing that shows. (Great work on the updated of the features gallery btw. )

New users would really benefit of the News category like I said. Especially now that Blender is getting a strong hold in the cg professionals realm.

That’s my constructive input why News should be higher up.

(Ace Dragon) #43

I do agree with placing the news and discussion forums (without Off Topic tagging along) back at the top. I don’t get why it would attract so much negativity as many of the same users are still posting in those threads.

That said, I think a lot of websites are now getting too paranoid about potential negativity, many websites that post articles axed their comment sections and some art sites make it difficult to provide any feedback to posted work that isn’t praise. In this forum, a lot of interesting information regarding new Blender features are not found anywhere else.

One final note, since this is the feedback forum, the purpose (in terms of proposing changes to the site itself at least) seems partially defeated if the response we get in most cases is a rationale as to why it’s a bad idea.

(BigBlend) #44

This is why the news category should be at the top. There is no misunderstanding what goes in the news section. General category can be confusing.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #45

Thanks for the feedback folks. We’re currently discussing rolling back some of these changes - stay tuned!

(AFWS) #46

@bartv is “New Site Feedback” temporary or permanent? Wouldn’t it be better to move the “Blender Artist Website Support” from Support to the New Site Feedback, so everything related to the site is together?
Maybe even renaming “New Site Feedback” to “Blender Artist Website” and rename “Blender Artist Website Support” to just Support.

(LazyDodo) #47

While I objected initially based on the ‘based on the priorities of the community’ argument, i’m perfectly happy with the ‘there’s a bunch of jerks, and the moderators have better things to do than babysit them’ (paraphrased)

I’m perfectly happy giving my mouse wheel 2 scrolls so you guys don’t have to sift though a sewer or people having a shouting match every morning…

(SterlingRoth) #48

I agree. As others have stated, the blender news and discussions are important to a lot of the community. So important, in fact, that it’s worth scrolling down to click on.

Really, with the home page scrolling through all recent posts, it’s usually pretty easy to catch any discussion going on without even going into the category itself.

(erickBlender) #49

Yep, the news can be on top but discussion and others, for me they can stay at the bottom. We will find them anyway, let encourage people to show more their art-work first then we can talk :slight_smile:

(Klutz) #50

FWIW, I always check the News forum first, so I agree it ought to be on top.

Obviously, this is an artists’ website, yet even within the artist community there are diverse interests (being covered in their respective forums).

But one thing I reckon is common for everyone, is an interest in new developments, so that’s why it should go back to the top.

(And I really wouldn’t mind if the off-topic threads were removed altogether, but that’s an issue for another day.)

(BigBlend) #51

So? Is there any plans to move news and general to the top?

(BigBlend) #52

What’s up?

Not Latest News.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #53

I’ve discussed this with @Fweeb at the Blender Conference but we haven’t reached a decision yet. Personally, I’d like to see the News higher up again, but Fweeb made a good point noting that moving them down seems to have contributed at removing a lot of negativity here.

(BigBlend) #54

There is not a lot of negativity on news. We have Cycles updates and other Blender updated posted on News.

(Jason van Gumster) #55

Not currently. You’ve been around long enough to know as well as I do that both the Latest News and the Blender and CG Discussions forums have been renowned in the past for their negativity.

(Blenderjack) #56

You’ve solved a management issue (poor moderation) by suppressing debate (otherwise known as informative content).


(BigBlend) #57

Removing News about Blender by making it hard to find is no solution either. This negativity that you guys mention is not a real problem in the Blender News. This is not a community anymore. Just a pretty picture gallery. Soul less if you like.

(KS) #58

+1 for news / General forum back on top.

(BigBlend) #59

I was just thinking about the Artwork categories and I don’t think that Traditional, Blender Tests, Sketchbooks and Focused Critiques are necessary . They could go away while bringing up some more relevant topics to the top.

Why do I even care. Majority want some of the general topics at top but for some bs reasoning it’s not going back.

(<== Lost? Click Me) #60

Citation / poll needed:

  • General should be at the top.
  • General should stay at the bottom.
  • It doesn’t matter, this is stupid.
  • You’re stupid, take my poll1!!!1
  • (G then L) ftw.

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Felix: Tried editing it but was too late to change the poll phrasing. :bowing_man: The dynamic reordering messes with the humour also.

Should be

“…this is stupid” followed by “You’re stupid…”