Categories reordered

(Felix Kütt) #61

It doesn’t matter those who are genuinely interested will find what they are searching for. There’s nothing stupid about it tho.

(CYNIC78) #62

Sorry if it’s offtopic. But is there a way to hide all posts for specific category? For example is there way to make artwork category posts invisible for me in new and latest posts? I am using this forum for searching information about blender, BGE, animations, rigging, scripts and so on or to help people to solve their workflow issues in blender. Artwork topics aren’t interesting me that much so I would like to have ability to hide whole artwork category and access it only if i enter that category. Thanks.

(SynaGl0w) #63

Your poll actually forgot an option: “I moved it back to the top anyway”

I can’t stand this forum without my own javascript and css overriding tons of things. So much scrolling and wasted space otherwise. Tampermonkey and StyleBot or equiv. are your friends.

(AdeptusT) #64

Remember to share. Some are interested in such tweaks directly, or indirectly as examples to achieve even more. Speaking of, I have to polish the date “fixer” script I found (it fixes them by making them static text), but after holidays.