Category for posting free resources (shaders, assets etc.)?

One of the best things about the BA forum in the game engine section was the Game Engine Resources forum. Heaps of contributions and more BGE resources than anywhere else on the internet.
Is there a good section on BA that covers this for normal Cycles / Eevee resources / assets / shaders?
I know I’ve personally got a lot of old projects I wouldn’t mind sharing and I’m sure many other people are in the same boat!

There are threads scattered around the forums with heeps of information. People tend to make wiki pages.

Would this not be better managed with a unique category? I have a feeling that this is what has lead to the “tutorials, tips and tricks” category overflowing with “technically relevant” content, simply because there is nowhere else to post it. If the game engine section of the forum has a resources section why doesn’t BA have one for standard blender users?

We try to limit the number of overall categories, and we dont see this as necessary.

We should start using a standardised tag for such documents. I’ve been thinking it might be useful to add a top menu at some time to make them accessible.

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