Caterpilar feets/ tank tracks

Hi, I have a big problem with my latest model. I’m trying to make a working Wall-e character that I can rigg and use in my upcoming project. The problem I got is that his feet or tank tracks as I call them don’t work.
They are supposed to follow a bezier curve so they look animated and when I rotate the character they are supposed to rotate with the character, but they are not working.
Please help me with this problem
This is what happens when you rotate the character.

Make sure both the curve and the array object are parented to the main object.

I tried to parent the curve both to the object and armature of the character but it won’t work. Either the track stop rotating along the curve when I move it forward or everything works just as expected except the rotation (The rotation keeps f*cking up as seen in the picture above).

Not just the curve. The object with the curve modifier needs to parented as well. To the same object as the curve. (Then: you never touch either curve or tread object again, except to move the tread in X.)