caterpillar construction site - updated tonka truck - new blend :)

about a week ago, mpan gave an introduction to the game engine (something i had not really used before) and tonight i’ve "experimented a bit more based on what i remembered.

if anyone would like to improve this “game” or has suggestions on what i should/could do different, please do tell. I’d like to learn a lot more about his baby!

Up/Down arrows move the main arm of the caterpillar,
Right/Left arrows turn the “arm”
a/s keys move second arm
d/f keys move caterpillar shovel

the goal is to load the bricks on the truck!

i had a lot of fun building this scene and maybe someone finds it useful too :slight_smile:
Any suggestions and hints on how to do things better are most welcome!


caterpillar.blend (374 KB)

Maybe limit movement?

Wow this would make a great example file for the physic engine.

  • changes boxes bounds to box and adjust the radius so they stay at the beginning of the scene
  • change the arms rotations from movement actuator to ipos controlled by properties, this way it’s easier to limit rotations so the shovel doesn’t rotate through the arm for example.
  • make a cleaver script so the arms and shovel doesn’t go through the ground.

Hi again,
first of all, thank you for the suggestions … i am very new to the BGE and will google the things suggested and see what i can implement today.

Once i’m done, i’ll upload a new file again.
If i can get a hang of this, i’ll remodel the caterpillar and truck to look a little more decent which brings me to another question: How may polys can a game scene have to run on an average computer?

AND! is there a way to rotate tires when a vehicle drives?

I have to admit that i’m not a gamer and therefore have no experience with keys used to control a game.
Right now, the up/down/L/R arrows are used up for the main arm …
what would work best for controling the rest of the stuff such as crane arm2 and shovel?
Right now, the key combination of a + d should be used together as well as s + f which will make operating the arm a bit more logical … but there is probably a better way to do this.
Plus, the truck and caterpillar could each drive and it would be cool to enable the truck to “dump” the load by tilting the container.
Any suggestions would help me to get this going in the right direction :slight_smile: - Thanks!

i’ve fixed the bricks … well, let’s say “improved” the bricks and added motion to the tonka truck.
The q + w keys move the truck forward/backward
e _ r keys tilt the container so that eventually, the bricks could be dumped

Now i have to figure out how to make the wheels turn as the truck moves. help? :-))

Minor updates to the textures (just colors for now

Extended the building site

Please help me figure this out … it’s FUN!


caterpillar1.blend (302 KB)