Cathedral Corridor Enviornment w/ Blend File

Made this in the last two hours. It’s messy and slow, but I thought it looked pretty, so here are some BGE stills. It uses chromatic aberation, DOF, and bleach filters by Martinsh.

(this one was rotated 90 degrees)


Blend file:

Nice, it looks really good, also where can you get those effects you mentioned up top?

Wow, very nicely done. However, some of the edges appear to have the red, blue and green light slightly spread out as if viewed with a prism ?
Here’s the link to Martinsh’s HDR and 2D filters thread. The scripts are all in the shared blend files.

That’s chromatic aberration. A photographer might see it as an image fault, but I like the way it looks in small doses. The filter I used is by Martinsh.

Very nice looking!! Especially the windows. Great work, keep it up. You are definately on your way to become a martinsh :smiley: I rated it 5* :slight_smile:

I think the windows should be inset rather than raised, but other than that it looks very nice. I’d ditch the chromatic aberration, though.

Woah thats amazing!

I like [email protected]!

nice graphics tho,i wish i was this good already ¬¬ anyways i liked it so far :smiley:
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Looks nice- though I have my usual complaint about chromatic aberration, I really feel it’s extremely overused lately in 3d. Generally I’d only use it along with a dirt/grit/grain overlay to give the feel of a really old TV- or if the game were on a microscopic scale.

wireframe please?

Thanks guys.
About the chromatic aberration, it is a little overused in cg, but this is really quite a small amount, in my opinion. I would have made it less noticeable, but manipulating python code isn’t my strong suit.

Here’s a wire. The meshes in the scene were simple and low poly, the scene amounting to 1045 faces.

Could you please share it with us?

I’ll get the blend file up some time today.
For now, a video:

thanks mate!

Blend file:

Great atmosphere!
The camera movement in the video is on professional level. Good sound environment.
Great job!

Padfoot, you never fail to impress. I actually like the chromatic aberration shader, it adds to the atmosphere you’ve created in this demo. It may be overused in CG but I rarely see that in the BGE. For two hours worth of work this is quite nice, though I would have liked to see a little more interactivity, even if it is a tech demo.

Great job, keep up the awesome work. :wink:

So, any plans for a full game? If you can do this in two hours, I assume you’d be able to make something incredible with a few days’ time.

Great work padfoot7726! Any chance for uploading the .blend file again? The link seems to be expired… :frowning: