Cathedral of Kazan icon

Drawn from the Cathedral of Kazan icon in Lebedyan, Lipetsk Region (was built in 1836).
The outer part is pretty close to the original. The interior is much more conventional, although I used the interior of the real cathedral as a reference.

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Hello @Mapper720 , Good Progress and work! I like it a lot.
You did a lot, but still, there is space for improvement and I think you can reach more.
Use more dynamic light, maybe Sun + hdri, for some fairy lights and shadows.
What about making the interior as it should be in the church service environment, and put some effort into creating an intimate, spiritual environment …
The architecture itself is interesting once it is connected to a story, otherwise, it is appearing as cold blocks of human progression, dry and without real meaning.

This seems to me like a great Cathedral, use your power to make it even better :slight_smile:
Keep creating.

Very correct dark lighting.
For Orthodox temples is ideal.

I used HDRI map here, but I don’t think it’s a good idea about Sun light. Contrast and bold shadows are not cool. The exception is the 5th image, I’ve used the Sun (and volumetrics) for it.

I didn’t understand what did you mean about “the interior as it should be in the church service environment”.

What do you mean? The Orthodox temples are not dark most of the time. Exceptions - night liturgies or All-night vigil: in some moments all electric lights are turned off and all temple is enlightened with candles (it looks much more fascinating, then daylight or electric light).

Exactly, the dynamic of the light can be improved. I guess some of the places can be spotlighted with more details then others…

Best Regards,

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!