Cathedral [UPDATED]

(S68) #1

Still to do:

1 - Rays of light from other 3 windows.

2 - Less light from leftmost window (more skew sun there)

3 - Materials & textures

4 - Doors

5 - Decent lighting inside (radiosity? haha, just kidding… radiosity with 700kfaces??? Must be mad)



(BgDM) #2

Stefano: you gotta finish this!! Looks great!

Will be even better with some stone textures on the walls, etc.

Why not do some radiosity? Will take a while to compute, but maybe try it anyway and see what happens.


(Jolly Gnome) #3

It looks absolutely great, but…
I know you’ve propably done a helluva job on that shadow of the window, but it just doesn’t look right. It looks as there was a spotlight set up behind the window, and the light comes in quite awkward angle. The window shape on the floor should be spread all over the place, and the column doesn’t cast shadow…
How did you do that light effect? A spotlight with texture, and the black lines are shadows from the window?

(DreamMaster) #4

I like that picture, but somehow, this circle window’s light on the floor bothers me somehow. It doesn’t look quite right. Maybe because it is not distorted like the light is supposed to be? 8) I might be stupid because I’m just a girl, but maybe you should try using the light halo, but make it not to hit the floor at all by setting this light to ‘layer only’ and the floor in other layer than the layer where this light is in. Then you can get other light to shine the real light for you in the layer where the floor is. That way it will have the halo and then other lighting to light the texture on the floor properly. You know what I’m saying or am I mumbling too much in 'blendish?"

And hey, you CAN use radiosity, but you don’t have to let it calucate until it is finished. You can push “Esc” (I think?) to quit when you think you see the satifsied results that the radiosity gives. Or you can play around with the lamps… giving this chapel room vivid colors reflected from the colorful lights from three windows. You know what I’m saying? :wink:

Now, I’ll shut up and let you enjoy blending… see ya. :smiley:

(blengine) #5

wow that is beatiful… perfect camera angle and the wijnodws are all too cool =)
i like the lightin u got going, with textures thius will be outta this world… finish finish!

(eeshlo) #6

Really nice stained glass windows! Maybe you could blur the projected texture on the floor more, it is rather sharp, I would think for that distance it would probably be more blurred. You could maybe try that by setting the filter value higher in the texture button section.

(Nayman) #7

noticed the pillar not casting a shadow!


but looks good… :o :o :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


(S68) #8

Hey! Thanx :slight_smile:

Hehe, sonn to be textured.

For radiosity I’ve made some minor tests on simple scenes, getting unpredictable and sometimes wrong results. I’d bet is a problem linked to normals… I’ll study on that :slight_smile:

Well, actually there IS a spotlight far away from behind the window… The window shape on the floor actually is maybe TOO spread, because in reality it should be from the sun, whose rays are parallel, not from a spot, which have diverging rays…

Column shape will be taken into account soon :slight_smile:

For the light effect i followed eeshlo tut, apart that I had to add an hack of mine to take into account the volumetric shadow from the column…

So you’re the second disliking that… Actually projection is right, maybe is the very wide angle camera which distorts? Have to think…


It is exactly like that, the spot is layer only with the floor, and the halo… well, that’s on eeshlo page…

I’ll try…

That is what I wanted to do, and now I know how to do :slight_smile: !

/me kicks pillar to the same layer as floor and spotlight

THanx again,
I’m going back blending with renovated energies


(basse) #9

hmm… I have to disagree about the camera-angle. I think it doesnt do justice to you model. I undestand you want to show everything, and make it look “HUGE”, but from the perspective, or with that camera lens, it’s just too… distorted.

maybe some chairs on the floor too?

but, light trhough window is beautiful… I like the projection on the floor…
some additional candles, or lamps, hanging from the ceiling would make wonders to general lighting of the place.

look forward to see more …


(S68) #10

Yea, lots of candles!


(VelikM) #11

Thats good! How did you get the color in the light streaming through the window, to match the window colors? That looks great!

(S68) #12



Still to do:

1 - Rays of light from very last window.

2 - Materials & textures

3 - Doors

4 - Decent lighting inside

Next step… DOORS!

For the curious, 4h rendering time on an Dual Athlon 1800+ (well Blender is single process anyway) with Unified Renderer…




There’s a file on eeshlo site I got inspiration from. Great for volumetric light, not so straightforward for volumetric shadow

(sten) #13

very nice !! :o

donät know what to add on top of the others :smiley:

(rixtr66) #14

tre’cool! real nice job on the windows,i get the overall feeling of
a vast space,well done .bump map some stone work?
reminds me of the munster cathedral in neu ulm :smiley:


(bmax) #15

cool, nice concept. i like the way the light defuses thru the stained windows… neat idea! keep it up


(steve343) #16

hey s68 uve inspired me to finish my pic.

its not as BIG as yours but i think everyone will be suprised at the results.

kudos i know how hard this is

(shibbydude) #17

Nice, but you need more textures for the cathedral walls. Other thatn that, great!

(S68) #18

Thanx for comments :slight_smile: Doors are coming out nicely…
will post new version soon…

More? There is not a single texture (yet :wink: )


(sten) #19

your work is really cool…you can LW and I cant…well…use it as best way !!

is it a pic of the church u are gonna marrie in ? LOL :smiley:

(Dittohead) #20

WOW doesn’t even BEGIN do describe my amazment.

Keep up the good work!!!