Cathedral WC#100

Hello all, with the extended time for the weekend challenge, I thought I’d post up some progress on my entry:

Have I said how much I love ambient occlusion :smiley:

pillars should have a “box” at the bottom

Am gonna beat you :stuck_out_tongue:

Says Who :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s true! pillars have a base. usually square. Nice work so far.

Good work!

Yep, I’m gonna have to do a lot of work to the pillars. They seem a little frail, I may thicken them out to the same radius as the arches. But there will definitely be some bases.
Think that I’ll work with MakeHuman tonight, and see if I can get a good crucifix.

I bet if u looked hard enough u could find pillars without bases.

Good start Teo.

Here’s a helping hand on the pillars…

and here’s another one

Look forward to seeing it develop